Lilla Röd Dam, Sweden

A very rich salmon, trout and eel river in southwest Sweden will be re opened again by removing the blocking stone construction that dams the river.


River Örekilsälven is one of southern Sweden’s best salmon waters. Here dwells salmon, trout, eel, lamprey and a number of other fish species. The first barrier from the ocean is the discontinued hydropower station (HPP), Torp. The Swedish government will remove HPP Torp, opening up 8 kilometres. Upstream of Torp is Lilla Röd; when this dam is removed, the Örekilsälven River will be entirely free-flowing again!

At a glance

Project typeDemolition
Project statusLive
Demolition dateSummer 2024
Km to be opened21
Focal speciesSalmon, lamprey, eel, brown trout
Partner websiteSportfiskarna

Project context and opportunity

This is a unique opportunity for migrating fish in the river, like salmon, trout, eel, lamprey and a number of other species. The removal will also benefit many bird species since a 600-metre stream habitat will be created when the still water is reverted back to what it once was. Örekilsälven is famous for its salmon population, and the downstream existing Natura 2000 area will also benefit from the removal.

Project aims

A blocking dam in the River Örekilsälven will be removed. This will open up a 21-kilometre stretch of the river and restore the stream habitat upstream. The stones were originally taken from the upstream area, so returning them there is the most cost-efficient and ecosystem-friendly way of using the stones in the dam. The removal will open up a river that is rich in biodiversity, enhancing the possibilities for the water body to reach good ecological status.