Guardians of the Sora: empowering communities for river restoration

Engaging local communities in the management of the Alpine River, emphasising dam removal solutions for sustainable flood protection and river revitalisation.


The Sora River, situated in the western part of Slovenia, is a quintessential Alpine waterway originating from the convergence of the Poljanska and Selška Sora rivers in Škofja Loka. Stretching 52 kilometres, it eventually joins the Sava River as a right tributary. Originating from the Slovenian Pre-Alpine hills, its source branches exhibit a distinct torrential nature, posing challenges for the surrounding populace. Despite this, the river boasts pristine, clear waters featuring easy-to-navigate rapids and natural pools. Rich in biodiversity, it serves as a habitat for various species, including grayling, chub, barbell, rainbow trout, and brown trout.

At a glance

Project typeBarrier identification and prioritisation
Project statusLive
Focal speciesbarbel, brown trout, common nase, european chub, grayling, rainbow trout

Project context and opportunity

The Guardians of the Sora River project aims to demonstrate the importance of involving civil society, particularly those residing near the river, in all stages of river management and anti-flood protection activities, including planning, intervention, and implementation. Its primary objective is to initiate dialogue with decision-makers, presenting them with dam removal solutions that contribute to sustainable regulation and anti-flood protection measures for the river.

Project aims

The project team will develop an alternative anti-flood protection study through project activities, integrating Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) principles and river revitalisation by removing transverse barriers to create more space along the Sora River in Škofja Loka. This study, co-financed by ORP, will propose alternative nature-based flood control measures, including removing river barriers, to empower civil society in defending natural interventions. By supporting similar initiatives across Slovenia and advocating for minimal regulatory measures, they aim to promote the natural environment of the Sora River and enhance its habitats.


Alpe Adria Green

Guardians of the River Sora